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Henrich Doell
"Henrich Doell is the first ancestor or the progenitor of the Diehl family according to the church records in St. Mark's church in Butzbach, Hessen, Germany, although we know that the roots of the Diehl family are much older and deeper in the Middle Ages, as seen in the taxation registers in Butzbach.
The parish of St. Mark's church in Butzbach changed from Roman-Catholic confession to Evangelical [Lutheran] in 1555. The Diehl family has been faithful to this church as long as it has existed. The church records date back approximately to 1555, and they have been edited into modern style and readability in a very meritorious way by Dr. Hanno Müller.
The orthography of the family name Diehl has varied over the years, at least the following spellings are found in the church records: Doell, Diel, Dill, Thiell, Thiel and Diell. From the 18th century Diehl is prevailing.
The date of birth of Henrich Doell is not known, but it is assumed he was born around 1520. His name occurs in the Butzbach census from 1560 to 1576. In 1572 he is listed as Henrich Thiell Scherer. He is also called Meister Henrich Doell."
Franciska Diehl Sundholm
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Who would have known a hopeful posting on a genealogy website could have started all this! In 2003 Caron Primas Brennan, an avid family researcher near Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A., received an email from Franciska Diehl Sundholm, another avid family researcher in Helsinki, Finland, concerning a 1999 posting of Caron's on a genealogy web site. Within a few minutes a "brick wall" was broken down!  Read more...